My Favorite Hot Tools

Here are my fav hot tools on the market! This list is short, sweet and to the point. Why? Hair styling is simple; a handful of properly selected tools can achieve a variety of looks. Go back and read my previous blog, 5 Steps to Avoiding Heat Damage, to learn more about why specific hot tools are so important!

The Blow Dryer: The CHI Rocket Dryer is my go to for most hair types and textures. It's lightweight yet powerful, locks in moisture & provides shine! The 1800-watt motor is more than enough power to get the hair dry quickly without overdoing heat exposure.

I utilize the comb attachment to minimize tension and stress to the hair.Use one hand to stretch the hair while allowing the comb attachment to dry and move through your strands. Blow drying methods that require maximum tension to stretch the hair are the main cause of heat damage & loss of curl pattern. Tip: Use the cool shoot button at the end of every blow dry to set your style and seal in shine.

Checkout the FHI Stylus Hair Dryer if you are in need of a full arsenal of drying accessories! I like this secondary blow dryer option because it includes a wide & narrow nozzle, straightening comb attachment, and curl defining diffuser. What more could a curly girl ask for?

The Flat Iron: My CHI 1" Ceramic Hair Styling Flat Iron is hands down the best option to preserve all curl types from wavy to extra tight curly hair! This hot tool has a programmed preset temperature of 392 degrees making it safe for most hair textures from fine to coarse. The key to straightening any hair texture is in the sectioning! (Not higher heat temperatures!) Use smaller 1/8" sections to straighten coarse hair and larger 1/2" sections for fine strands. One smooth, consistent pass through the section of hair will provide you with ample straightness and optimal refined texture. Repetitively going over the same section of hair with heat can cause damage.

Tip: A great smooth blow dry will make flat ironing your hair a breeze!

The Curling Iron: Technically, I use my flat iron to straighten and curl in most instances. But, there are those special curls and

waves that can only be achieved with a curling iron. The Hot Tools Professional 1" Marcel Iron is the perfect barrel length and width to create long-lasting curls and waves. I've tried so many brands over the years; from high end pro tools to beauty supply store steals. The hot tools brand is my favorite! Their curling irons provide consistent even heat and are affordable, easily accessible, & durable. Set temps at 375 degrees for a quick restyle or to style clean, dry hair use temperature settings at 400 degrees and below.

Looking for that lived-in, natural wavy texture? Add the Hot Tools Curly-Q Tapered Nanoceramic Curling Iron to your must have list! This wand is perfect for beach waved tresses!

Bonus Info: Proper preparation is where great styling begins. Start here to prep your hair for any heat styling regiment!

My favorite detangling comb, that stays in the shower at all times, is the Wide Tooth Wet Brush Comb!

I always use a thermal protection spray prior to blow drying like Chi Iron Gaurd 44 . This product provides superior heat protection & prevents damage on all hair types. A light midst on wet hair before blow drying goes a long way.

Already got heat damage?

Try the CHI Keratin Mist spray, which strengthens the hair, provides heat protection and evens out the porosity of damaged strands. Spray a light midst directly on damaged strands before blow drying!

Up next, the blog is all about summer co-washing!


Blonde Pursuit

P.S. I do not work for or represent any of the brands presented in this blog post.

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